Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I loved being pregnant. I was fortunate enough to be free from the sufferings of morning sickness and nausea that usually accompany pregnancy. At my worst- I was more tired than I ever had been and towards the end (and I carried for 41 weeks) I experienced some mild back pain. So, I really do count my lucky stars for what I truly believe was an exceptional and awesome experience.

Pregnancy highlights:

1. Feeling the flutters of my baby moving around inside me for the first time
2. The first time my partner could feel the baby move
3. Watching feet kick out all over my belly
4. My first scan, and then finding out that my baby is a girl
4. Specific cravings for childhood favourites like peanut butter and jam sandwiches
5. Thick, healthy hair
6. Not being able to see past my belly
7. Sleeping on my side
8. Needing to pee urgently all the time
9. The irrational overprotective instinct that I would do anything to protect what was growing inside me
10. Big boobs (although by the time I stopped breastfeeding I was over these!)
11. Mothering advice from complete strangers

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